The Whole Note, July 2012

The first issue of the Norwalk Youth Symphony newsletter The Whole Note appeared in February 1994. This year NYS is going green as the July 2012 issue is released in an electronic format.

Please enjoy the insightful articles written by the NYS Chairman, conductors, alumnus, parents, and small ensembles coach included in this edition.

- Sara Watkins, NYS Executive Director
- Greg Payne, Editor


From The Chairman

Lisa Petno

For me, as I suspect is the case for many of you, the school year finale is a time for sorting through the piles of papers that have accumulated throughout the year; a process of separating precious mementos from items no longer needed.

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What Makes Norwalk Youth Special?

Jonathan Yates

I will confess that it is presumptuous of me, only having finished my second year as Music Director of NYS, to try to tackle what makes our organization unique...

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Taking The Summer Off?

Richard Brooks

As one season draws to a close, another rapidly approaches. Summer camps and other vacation activities can easily make one forget about the importance of our August auditions.

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Advice for Young Musicians

Jessica McNamara

Conducting the Philharmonia String ensemble with Norwalk Youth Symphony for the past three years has truly been an enlightening experience for me.  Each year I have been awestruck at the ability level of many of the young musicians... 

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Some Thoughts On Musical Success

Carly Kulawitz

What defines success? This question is something I have been thinking about recently, especially in terms of creativity. What defines creative success? Musical success?

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The Positive Effects Of A Good Early Music Program

Susan Jimenez

In recent years scientific research has found that there is a strong relationship between music and how it influences the development of the brain in young children.

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On Playing Chamber Music

Darwin Shen

Why should we play chamber music?  I get that question from students and parents.  I have a very simple answer - all music is chamber music.

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Alumni Corner

Dr. Lee-Ann Jaykus

Fourth grade, Veteran’s Park Elementary School, Ridgefield, CT.  I think the year must have been 1966.  Our music teacher told us that this was the time to choose our musical instruments, if we wanted to play one. 

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From The Balcony

My Music Teachers Were Right
Mary Jo Heath

Back in early June, I travelled to Oklahoma for my high school reunion (Mrs. Watkins and I grew up in towns that are only five miles apart).  As the finale to a fun-filled weekend of events, my classmates organized a lovely ceremony that included a tribute to our teachers. 

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