NYS offers musicians a variety of additional programs and performance opportunities to enhance their education.

Concerto Competition

The NYS sponsors a Concerto Competition every year for members of the Principal Orchestra. The winner is invited to perform a movement of a concerto with the orchestra at one of the scheduled concerts.

Sectional Rehearsals

Professional musicians and teachers are brought to rehearsals a minimum of two times during each concert period to work specifically with different sections of the orchestras. Such sessions are invaluable in helping to prepare each member of the NYS for performance at concerts and in producing a unified sound within sections.

Master Classes

The NYS Master Class Series features accomplished musicians, from various musical backgrounds (orchestral, chamber and solo performance) who are invited to give a Master Class. All students and spectators can benefit as the master calls upon an individual or a group of students and coaches them on how to play a certain piece, shares interesting facts about the composer, and talks about his/her experiences as a professional musician.

Additional Performance Opportunities

In order to enhance the performing experience for its musicians, the Norwalk Youth Symphony arranges for performances in such places as Carnegie Hall, Tanglewood, Music in the Parks, and other appropriate venues. These are considered to be an integral part of the musical education the NYS offers.

International Peformance Tours

In the summer of 2008 NYS embarked on its first performance tour overseas. Members of the Concert and Principal Orchestras traveled to Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg. Members of these orchestras visited and performed in Italy in 2010, in Spain in 2012 and German in 2014. In 2016 NYS will visit Prague, Vienna and Salzburg.